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Dear Future Niche Master,


The rise of Private Label Rights (PLR) as an accepted Internet Marketing Time-Saving-Tool has been phenomenal to say the least.


In fact, many of us have grabbed a topic article pack, copied them to a Web 2.0 blog, plugged in an offer or back-link, and moved on. (...aaand then wondered why we got less than expected results... oops?)


Usually, these frustrations come from improper use and expectations of the PLR product itself, market over-saturation of the un-spun product, or poorly crafted and written originals.


FREE Methods To Make The Most Of Your PLR Efforts!


We've been watching, helping, and listening to our members across all our sites since 2006, and have re-proven some PLR/IM truths:


1) The More Visible The PLR Will Be To The Search Engines, The More It Should Be Spun/Re-Written To Be Unique. If used on blogs and mini-sites, you should probably try to pass Copyscape. This task is faster and easier with quality PLR content as a start point.


2) The Less Visible The PLR Will Be To Search Engines, The Less Important The Uniqueness. While unique is always better, very few humans have total recall. When creating eBooks and newsletters for example, changing some titles, or slightly re-arranging will make you seem unique. Again, this is faster and easier with quality PLR to start with.


3) PLR That Is Already SEO Optimized Is Way Faster And Easier To Work With. Grab a Niche Topic PLR close to your target keyword, and substitute keywords. Limited re-writes or spins are all that are usually needed in these cases. If, it is quality PLR content as a start.


4) When Possible, Use PLR That Has Controlled Distribution. The numbers vary by SEO expert, target niche, and Search Engine Algorithms, but even PLR published a few hundred or a few thousand times can be made "unique enough" quickly and easily.



Article Kingpin Box of Content

What To Expect With Article Kingpin PLR?

As Part Of The Unselfish Marketer Group, Article Kingpin Delivers:

Article Kingpin Checkmark Hot Topic High Activity Niches - Our primary membership sites are an IM Authority and Niche Proving Ground Since 2006. We understand what's "evergreen" and what's hot! Click your visitors' HOT Buttons.

How America Started
How Uncle Sam Works
History Of African Americans
Public Speaking
A Man's Best Friend
Taking Great Photos
Cosmetic Surgery
Forex Trading
Kids And Divorce
Losing Extra Pounds
And Many More !
Hot Dress Trends
Learning The Law
Weblogs As A Marketing Tool
Promoting For Commissions
Get Pretty
Setting Goals
Making Movies
More Dating Tips
Online Marketing
Your Finances
More Every Month !

Article Kingpin Checkmark Reliable World Class Service With A Proven Record - A reputation of consistent over-delivery, complete with a responsive support setup.

Article Kingpin Checkmark An Exclusive Membership With an Exclusive Product - The only way to get access to these Article Packs is by joining Article Kingpin.

Article Kingpin Checkmark Consistent Quality and Variety at a Controlled, Affordable Price - These are English as a 1st language, well written, well researched, and logical readable quality articles! No More Weeding Out Authors or Random Results, and No More Inflated Price, Re-Written Materials, and No More $1 per Hundred Words!

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Need Some Ideas Of How To Use This Level Of Content?

Article Kingpin Checkmark Create Hot Topic Niche eBooks - Imagine yourself as a published author of a Hot Topic eBook... (in the time it takes to assemble a PDF...)

Article Kingpin Checkmark Create Authority Building Reports and Newsletters - Tweak the grouping and wording to create quick authority in a variety of niches.

Article Kingpin Checkmark Spin And Add To Blogs - Use your favorite spinner (Spinner Chief is free for example), or re-write them yourself, all with a quality start point.

Article Kingpin Checkmark Use As Start For Article Submissions - No More Writers' Block with HOT niches and articles each month.

Use This Membership And Grow Your Business Fast !

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Take Advantage of a Package That Offers the Benefits of:

Article Kingpin Checkmark Bulk Pricing Through a Membership Model - We chose the Membership Model to save all our members money, and to ensure a controlled distribution to maximize member benefit.

Article Kingpin Checkmark No More Researching New Topics - Even the search for spinnable content takes time, and so costs you money. Enjoy a consistent supply and free up some time.

Article Kingpin Checkmark No More Need to Surf Article Directories and Blogs - This only costs you more time, and the author box equals a link out and lost credibility. Ignore credits and risk the dreaded DCMA.

Article Kingpin Checkmark Secure an Inexpensive Way to Start the Ball Rolling With Fresh Content Each Month - Free up your time for other things and save on the outsource money.

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Your Business Will Succeed According To How You Support It...

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Full 100% Money Back GuaranteeMy "No Worries" guarantee is that I want you to feel happy and even proud of your investment

So, if anytime within the first 30 days (even on the 30th day), you're not absolutely overjoyed with what you receive then just let me know and I'll gladly give you 100% of your investment back.


Quietly and Promptly, No Questions Asked!

And that's a promise




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To YOUR Success,

JayKay Bak
CEO, Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.


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